Premium Polyaspartic Flakes Floor

In 123 CONSTRUCTION & SUPPLY we apply coatings of the highest quality. Our polyaspartic color flake system has resistance to UV rays, scratches, and chemicals that can damage other types of coatings, making them highly durable, which ensures an excellent final product and reduces constant concrete repairs.

We offer a wide variety of textures, colors, finishes, and designs so that our customers can have the garage of their dreams.

There are many options for renovating your garage floors. Select one of the garage floor types below that best suits your needs.


In North Carolina, concrete floors often chip and crack due to the climate and their constant use. Therefore, our polyaspartic color flake system is one of the best options for garage and residential basement floor coatings. It looks incredible, is resistant to scratches and bumps, as it is a malleable product that facilitates the absorption of bumps.

This polyaspartic flake garage floor system can be applied in extreme temperatures from below 30 F to 140 F C, making it resistant to climate change. Likewise, since it is an oil-free coating, it is much easier to clean than a traditional concrete floor.

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